PNSR Congratulates Our Associate Roger Carstens on His TV Debut as Star of the NBC Series

July 23, 2009 in News by admin

WASHINGTON — PNSR extends hearty congratulations to its colleague Roger Carstens whose TV program “The Wanted” debuted this week on NBC to rave reviews. Carstens, a former Green Beret, counterterrorism expert and authority on unconventional warfare, is one of three co-stars in the real-life espionage series that centers on manhunts.

Carstens was a regular contributor to the PNSR blog site until he was approached by NBC to co-star in its reality-based series. Some of Carstens’ essays on aspects of national security may still be read on the PNSR blog site at

“The Wanted” was given a rave review by Washington Post critic Tom Shales who said that the show’s “. . . substance is strong and the overall effect is a highly charged knockout.”

PNSR President and CEO James R. Locher III praised Carstens, saying that “Roger’s experience in counterterrorism and unconventional warfare – areas that came under my purview when I served as an assistant secretary of defense – help in conveying a strong sense to Americans of the very real threats to the national security. It is these threats that the Project on National Security Reform is working to diminish with its mission of national security reform.”


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