PNSR Bids Farewell As It Ends Operations; New Publications

July 31, 2012 in News by admin

For more than five years, the dedicated men and women of the Project on National Security Reform (PNSR) worked vigorously to modernize the failing U.S. national security system. Alert to the dangers of the current antiquated system, PNSR’s staff analyzed the sources of dysfunction and inefficiency and formulated bold fixes to transform the system for 21st century challenges. This comprehensive, rigorous, insightful, and innovative collection of work is a source of pride for PNSR. The many accomplishments of PNSR are summarized here, and the publications tab contains PNSR’s reports, case studies, and related papers.

Despite the depth, breadth, and quality of these intellectual products and a long list of distinguished supporters, PNSR was unable to bring about the necessary transformation. Two principal obstacles blocked needed changes: denial about the seriousness of shortcomings in the national security system and lack of political will to fix these shortcomings.

Sweeping changes must be realized soon if the nation’s security and prosperity are to be assured. Toward this goal, this new website preserves PNSR’s work for use by those who will carry forward this critical mission. (PNSR’s former website may still be found at

Although PNSR ceased operations on December 31, 2011, work on national security transformation continues in many government and nongovernment institutions and among private citizens. Former PNSR staff will continue to have contact with these institutions, individuals, and others interested in national security transformation through Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts. Inquiries can also be sent directly to PNSR at the email addresses provided on this website (

More than one hundred organizations and three hundred national security professionals contributed to PNSR’s work. The entire PNSR community is grateful for this extensive support. Great appreciation and respect must also go to the PNSR core staff, a group of public-interest, selfless patriots who endured great hardships and worked pro bono in service to the nation. I was proud to have been their leader.

PNSR has charted the path to a more secure America. What is needed now are political leaders with the vision and courage to follow and improve upon this path.

James R. Locher III
President and CEO
Project on National Security Reform
July 2012

Despite closing operations, the PNSR community continues work on a number of publications, which will be featured on the PNSR website as they are released.

Evan Munsing and Christopher J. Lamb, Joint Interagency Task Force–South: The Best Known, Least Understood Interagency Success (Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University 2011)

Fletcher Schoen and Christopher J. Lamb, Deception, Disinformation, and Strategic Communications: How One Interagency Group Made a Major Difference (Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University 2012)

Richard Weitz (Editor), PNSR Case Studies Vol. 2 (Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College 2012)