PNSR praises the Recommendations of the Pentagon’s Quadrennial Roles and Mission Review

February 4, 2009 in News by admin

WASHINGTON, D.C.– PNSR Executive Director James R. Locher III applauds the analysis and recommendations in the Defense Department’s Quadrennial Roles and Missions Review Report. He is encouraged that the Defense Department has affirmed several key themes and recommendations illustrated by the Project on National Security Reform’s recently released report entitled, Forging a New Shield.

The DOD report adds strength to a growing chorus of government leaders, think tanks, and academics calling for a new integrative and collaborative approach to securing our nation. Both the Project’s report and DOD’s report recognize the urgent need for strategic planning and guidance at the national level. The Project has recommended National Security Planning Guidance to be issued annually by the President. Likewise, the DOD report urges “a whole-of-government strategic planning document that outlines national objectives, priorities and specific actions for improving interagency coordination and operational planning.”

Additionally, the Project’s report identified the need for new funding, budgetary, and oversight processes that account not only for departmental capabilities, but national missions and outcomes. The DOD report similarly finds that, “Funding and authorities dedicated solely to individual agencies may not be sufficient to ensure that the activities of multiple agencies are fully integrated and that all seam issues between organizations are addressed.”

Locher was encouraged by the release of the DOD report. “With the release of the QRM, Secretary Gates has again demonstrated leadership that transcends parochial interests for the sake of national interests,” said Locher. He added the U.S. needs more visionaries, willing to pursue a new national security system that is aligned with the modern security environment. “Our country is wearing concrete shoes in a security environment that demands speed and agility,” said Locher. “The need for fundamental reform is urgent and the consequences of inaction are dire.”

The Project has gained the attention of many Washington insiders as several members of the PNSR Guiding Coalition members were recently appointed to senior positions in the Obama Administration, including National Security Advisor General Jim Jones and Director of National Intelligence Admiral Denny Blair.
James Locher is available for interviews to discuss the PNSR recommendations.

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