Margaret Cope, Retired Air Force Colonel and Logistics Expert, Joins the Project on National Security Reform as a Senior Advisor

March 29, 2011 in News by admin

WASHINGTON, DC – The Project on National Security Reform (PNSR) is pleased to announce Margaret Cope, a recently retired Air Force Colonel, has joined PNSR as a Senior Advisor. Colonel Cope is a transformational leader with over 25 years of success as a logistics officer with command and staff experience, including assignments in squadrons, groups, wings, logistics centers and headquarters. Her last assignment was in the Pentagon, HQ USAF in the Logistics Directorate, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Installations and Mission Support.

As the Air Force lead to the federal interagency logistics program, she developed the Air Force’s contributions and collaborated with other agencies from the Department of Defense, Department of State, Department of Homeland Security and General Services Administration to establish the Whole of Government Logistics Effort.

“My recent experience as Air Force lead developing the Whole of Government Logistics Effort clearly demonstrated the urgent need and value of interagency collaboration and the expansion from whole of government to whole of nation and in some cases whole of world to meet the rapid pace of threats, challenges and opportunities for our national security. I am delighted to join PNSR as it leads the transformation of our national security system to sustainability.”

She also championed the Air Force Maintenance Strategic Plan, transforming maintenance, inspection, and accounting processes that had remained virtually unchanged for 40 years. Colonel Cope’s guidance was instrumental in the Air Force Repair Network Transformation, a plan for modernizing the 55 year old maintenance organization of the entire Air Force into a lean and flexible system.

Prior to assuming her position at the Air Staff, Colonel Cope was the Mobilization Assistant to the Commander, Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center, where she assisted in leading 13,000 military and civilian personnel. Colonel Cope also oversaw an $8.4 billion budget for global logistics support of cargo, warning and control, bomber, and stealth bomber aircraft. Colonel Cope represented the Air Logistics Center Commander at executive-level meetings with local, state, and federal government and industry.

Colonel Cope has additional experience in human capital, including building the initial Air Force Reserve Acquisition/Scientist and Engineer Career Developmental Team, and serving as a key senior advisor and member of the Aircraft Maintenance Career Development Team. Her leadership and oversight of the two teams ensured the Air Force provided over 8,000 officers with career guidance, resulting in the selection of over 758 highly qualified officers for command positions.