PNSR Awarded Contract to Study Interagency National Security Professionals

August 4, 2010 in News by admin

WASHINGTON, DC – The Office of the Secretary of Defense has awarded a contract to the Project on National Security Reform (PNSR) to study and propose a system for the career development and management of interagency national security professionals. This study fulfills a requirement prescribed in section 1054 of the FY2010 National Defense Authorization Act.

The study is to support efforts to improve the quality of interactions among agencies engaged in national security and increase their overall interoperability — especially in times of national crisis from natural disasters or national security threats.

PNSR President and CEO James R. Locher III stated, “This is an important study for advancing national security reform. Interagency national security professional staff with the right skills and capacity to deal effectively with the strategic challenges of the 21st century are crucial. The way the system manages national security professionals greatly affects their career choices, including their willingness to work across departmental boundaries.”

PNSR will study current efforts at developing interagency national security professionals, professional development, coordination, incentives for collaboration, potential funding mechanisms, and the feasibility of integrating and coordinating military, state and local personnel in a national security professional development system. PNSR will coordinate its work with interagency representatives, the Office of Personnel Management, National Security Staff, and departments and agencies.

PNSR will bring a unique and fresh approach to the problem, applying the lessons of existing efforts, broad knowledge of the interagency environment, and a wealth of talent with experience throughout and beyond the government. Expert panels consisting of former officials who have led large-scale government reforms will advise the study.

In this study, PNSR will partner with PRTM, a leading management consulting firm that specializes in operational transformation. PRTM brings experience from the commercial and federal government sectors in performance management, strategic planning, and human capital.

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