Center for American Progress Report and PNSR

December 3, 2009 in News by admin

The Project on National Security Reform (PNSR) would like to recognize The Center for American Progress (CAP) for their new report, Integrating Security: Preparing for the National Security Threats of the 21st Century, and to congratulate the Center for its ongoing effort to promote national security reform.

The CAP report rightly highlights some of the most serious threats to our national security and makes excellent recommendations that are congruent with the Project on National Security Reform analysis and recommendations in Forging a New Shield and Turning Ideas Into Action. Among other recommendations, we strongly concur on the importance of issuing an integrated national security strategy and creating a unified national security budget.

Creating and publishing a National Security Strategy is a key task of the Obama Administration. As retired Marine General Anthony Zinni, who is a new member of PNSR’s Guiding Coalition, says in the CAP report, this document “will be the follow-up to the initial speeches and communication and it will be the authority for our own government structure, all the way down because from the strategy cascades the actions and the organization and the allocation of resources to make that [strategy] happen.” It indeed will help in ensuring that the U.S. Government can consider and bring to bear all elements of national power.

American leadership is at the core of many international concerns. Having a strong systemic approach to our own security and having a unified and coherent national security plan only enhances our leadership. Reports, such as Integrating Security, and other related research documents produced by CAP, PNSR, and others, mutually strengthen and promote national security reform efforts.