House Armed Services Committee Praises PNSR and Calls on the Administration to Examine PNSR Recommendations

July 2, 2009 in News by admin

WASHINGTON– The House Armed Services Committee (HASC) praises the Project on National Security Reform in its report accompanying the FY 2010 National Defense Authorization Act, passed June 25. The committee report applauds PNSR’s work and singles out its reform proposals to provide an overarching, interagency concept of operations and to create a civilian cadre of true national security professionals.

The FY 2010 Defense Authorization Act authorizes crucial funding for United States servicemen and women and their families, as well as critical military construction and weapons systems. Regarding PNSR, the HASC report accompanying the act states:

“The committee believes many of the PNSR’s recommendations have merit and wishes to call the Administration’s particular attention to those recommendations that suggest ways in which to: (1) Provide an overarching interagency concept of operations; and (2) Create a cadre of civilians that are truly ‘national security’ professionals.”

Congratulating the HASC, James Locher III, executive director of PNSR, said, “The committee members, under the direction of Rep. Ike Skelton (D-MO), have once again showed tremendous leadership in formulating this year’s National Defense Authorization Act. We are encouraged by the committee’s support for PNSR’s proposals and applaud their efforts on behalf of national security organizational reform.”

PNSR is particularly supportive of the committee’s encouraging words for the National Security Professional Development (NSPD) program and the existence of an NSPD Integration Office. “The committee believes NSPD should be a priority for all agencies engaged in national security matters,” the report reads.


PNSR is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization –funded and supported by Congress – dedicated to the modernization and improvement of the U.S. national security system to better protect the American people against 21st century dangers. To that end, it is working for the recommendations of its report, Forging a New Shield, to become public policy and/or law, as applicable.

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