Putting National Security Reform into Action: PNSR Hails Rep. Geoff Davis’ Call for National Security Professional Career Development

July 8, 2009 in News by admin

WASHINGTON– PNSR welcomes the amendment to the Defense Authorization Act offered by Rep. Geoff Davis (R-Ky) on the House floor on June 25. Mr. Davis’ amendment supports the development of a cadre of national security professionals across departments of the Federal government. One of PNSR’s central recommendations in its landmark report, Forging a New Shield, called for the establishment of a national security professional corps. PNSR is encouraged by Rep. Davis’ support for this concept and looks forward to continuing efforts to put these ideas into action.

Rep. Davis cited the need to enhance national security by integrating the military and civilian elements of national power. He noted the current lack of a permanent, institutionalized system for developing required skills and experience and called on the White House to address the issue:

“My amendment, simply put, would require the President to commission a study by an executive agency to develop national security professionals across departments of the Federal Government to provide skilled personnel for planning and conducting national security interagency operations. It is critical that we achieve a transformation in national security education, training and interagency experience to produce national security professionals who are able to work seamlessly together. By requiring the President to commission such a study on an interagency national security professionals program, my amendment lays the foundation for that transformation.”

PNSR Executive Director James R. Locher III said, “I am very pleased to see a major step taken to advance one of PNSR’s key recommendations – the development of a National Security Professional Corps. I salute Rep. Davis for this important amendment to the Defense Authorization Act.”


The Project on National Security Reform is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization –funded and supported by Congress – dedicated to the modernization and improvement of the U.S. national security system to better protect the American people against 21st century dangers. To that end, it is working for the recommendations of its report, Forging a New Shield, to become public policy and/or law, as applicable.

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